Dog Skin

Short film. In pre-production. 2019.

A man in a self-imposed exile finds a stray dog and mystery. As he obsesses about the new found enigma, he begins to question his sanity. Who is the woman that appears in his home every night? And how can he get to her?

Dog Skin is based on a fable from the Indian Folklore of the Santal Parganas.

It is a story about alienation, desire, and obsession in an otherworldly supernatural atmosphere.




Max Cavenham

Max (Maxwell) grew up in Worcestershire, England. Trained at Identity Drama School in London, he also has a degree in political science from De Montfort University, England.

He began training in 2012 and during the first few years also performed action and walk on roles on several of the major Hollywood and major network productions filmed in the UK for Disney, Warner Bros, HBO, BBC, SKY, amongst others. Max now focuses on creating memorable characters that capture the attention and imagination of the audience whether on stage or screen - "Cavenham is pretty much every director's dream as his unblinking stare invites the camera's lens deeper into it." (Dread Central)

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Laura Obiols

Born in Lleida (Spain), Laura started her dance career at an early age. Since her arrival in London in 2003, she worked in both health research & arts. After studying at the University of Navarra, she finished her PhD in Pharmacy in 2007. She trained at RADA (BA Hons) and at the London Contemporary Dance School, and finished an MA in Film Making at the University of the Arts London. After completing Art Direction at the University of the Arts London and Physical Theatre at  Jasmin Vardimon / Royal Holloway University, she worked as a performer & director for many years (Dante or Die, National Theatre, Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre, V&A Museum, Royal Haymarket) until she chose to start creating her own work. Her research is driven by the intention of capturing, in some way, the conditions of human life. She attempts to create work that is open-pored and that reveals something of what is under the skin.


Tiago Teixeira, Director

The award-winning filmmaker Tiago Teixeira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lives in London. He has directed several short films including “Ação/Reação” (Action/Reaction, 35mm, Kodak Film School Finalist); “Sobre os Mesmos Passos” (Over the Same Steps) and “Mania de Perseguição por Boeing” (Boeing Persecution Mania, Winner of the One Minute Film Festival). He also directed music videos for the Brazilian band Audax and the British duo Detachments. In 2008 and 2009 he was selected twice for the SESC Screenwriting Lab (currently called Laboratório Novas Histórias) with the scripts “Unhappening” (Currently in pre-production by director Marcos Bernstein) and “The Blind Mirror". In the latest years, Tiago has been working as a screenwriter. He is also a writer on the critically acclaimed HBO series El Hipnotizador produced by RT Features, currently on the second season.

He directed two short films in London, "A Quiet Room in Walthamstow" (premiered at the London Short Film Festival 2019) and "Wrong Number" (Premiered at Frightfest 2018).


Henrique Fazzio, Producer

Henrique Fazzio is a film producer and partner at Void to Vortex. During his career in the music industry, he produced a number of music videos and a documentary. He also managed artists, ran Polvo Records and organized many tours throughout the world. Henrique was the producer of “A Quiet Room in Walthamstow” and “Wrong Number”, both directed by Tiago Teixeira.


Korsshan Schaluer, Cinematographer

Korsshan has been working in the film industry for five years, the first four as an Assistant Director in the Mexican Industry and the last one in the Camera Department in the UK industry. He currently works as a Camera Trainee and Camera Assistant in many TV Dramas, Features, Shorts, and Commercials.

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